Llamarada - Llamas in Northern Virginia

Our llama farm has been in existence since 1985. We have always been interested in breeding for llamas of good disposition and conformation, suitable for a variety of activities. However, if you're looking for those "super-puffy" guys, we're not the place to look.

Our major interest is in fostering the most intelligent of these already very intelligent animals, and also to select for llamas that are genetically "touch tolerant". We also prefer to keep llamas that do well in the hot humid summers of Virginia (e.g., less fiber but also better physiology for this type of weather - the guys who can run up and down the fence line when the heat index is over 100 ... without suffering the consequences). If you're looking for llamas with an emphasis on good temperament and stout conformation, come check out our guys.

While we have greatly reduced our farm size (from over 40 to 9), we always like to "talk llamas"!

Some of our colorful history with llamas ...

Dale Graham * 18676 Ryland Chapel Rd * Rixeyville, VA 22737